Trump receives Macron: “My love for France is no fake news’

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The American president Donald Trump has his French ambtsgenoot Emmanuel Macron Tuesday afternoon received at the White House. The French president is currently in the United States for a state visit.

The French president and his wife Brigitte Macron were in the White House, welcomed by president Trump and his wife Melania Trump. Also, vice president Mike Pence and chief of staff John Kelly lined up at the start. During the formal reception, the Macrons will be treated to a military tribute, to which about five hundred American soldiers. They played both the American and the French national anthem.

“France and the United States must work together to protect the environment. The future of our children is at stake, ” said Macron, right after the official welcome ceremony. The French president added that the United States and France, although of the opinion differences about the way in which the environment is to be protected.

Macron asked also paying attention to what he calls ‘aggressive nationalism’, that both France and the United States committed to “pluralism and democracy to protect’.

Steadfast partnership

In his welcome message thanked Trump and his French colleague for the joint efforts in Syria. Earlier this month, the United States, France and Great Britain jointly bombing raids on military targets in Syria.

“I want to be president Macron, the French army and the French population like to personally thank for their steadfast partnership,” said Trump. ‘Our French friends were absolutely great. Thank you very much, mr. president.’

“No fake news’

Then pulled the two staatsleiders back in the Oval Office, the world-famous office of the American president, while the two first lady’s visit completed to the National Gallery of Art. The two presidents were right on the grill by the journalists present.

During that press conference, president Trump that the news about his close relationship with his French colleague, for once, not fake news .” Trump: ‘Mr. president, everyone is talking about it that we have such a great band. Well, that is the truth. It is for once not a fake news. Finally. I think it’s such a great honor to have you as guests.’

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