Trump: “If Iran threatens us, they will pay the price’

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The American president Trump and his French ambtsgenoot Macron underline during their joint press conference in the White House, and their ‘historical ties and deep friendship’. They discussed Iran and Syria, but also the trade relationships.

‘Melania and I are very honored to be president of Macron and mrs. Macron in the White House to receive”, said president Trump during the press conference. ‘We thank you for the warm welcome’, use replication Macron.

Both presidents put the centuries-old friendship between France and the United States in the paint. It was clear that the men really became good friends.

“President Macron, I would like to thank you for your leadership, and I thank the French army for his courage and commitment in Syria,” said Trump. The United States, the United Kingdom and France have after the chemical attack in Syria a joint airstrike carried out on the chemical installations of the regime-Assad. Macron adds that he now has a long-term solution will be found for the Syrian conflict. “We want sustainable peace’, says Macron.

Iran and trade

Macron and Trump were in the past not agree on the approach to Iran.Trump is fiercely opposed to the nuclear deal under his predecessor, Obama with that country is closed, and also France are in favour. ‘We both do not like, but we have an open debate about the nuclear aspect of Iran. We are now going to work on a new deal with Iran, ” said Macron.

‘Iran should not have nuclear weapons to develop.’, said Trump. ‘And France agree. If they threaten us, they will pay the price.’

Both presidents agree that the international trade fair, must be conducted. “We need to work together against unfair competition. The discussion that we have today on this issue, nourishes our historic relationship and friendship, ” said Macron.

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