Trump decries ’ridiculous’ atoomdeal with Iran

51ff3404613af1f52a4262d9d5c840f3 - Trump decries ’ridiculous’ atoomdeal with Iran

WASHINGTON – Us president Donald Trump once again has widely criticized the nuclear deal with Iran. He called the agreement “insane” and “ridiculous”. Trump made that statement during the visit of his French ambtsgenoot Emmanuel Macron, who just wants to avoid that Trump withdraws from the atoomakkoord with Tehran.

Donald Trump

Iran promised in 2015 after negotiations with world powers own nuclear program to build in exchange for the withdrawal of international sanctions. Trump has a lot of criticism of the agreement, for example, because no arrangements are made about the Iranian missile or Iranian involvement in the conflicts in countries such as Yemen and Syria.

The American president warned Tehran for the consequences if it decides to use the nuclear program to resume. “Then they’ll have bigger problems than ever before”, he announced.

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