The King departs again at RKC

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RKC Waalwijk are going to be looking for a new trainer.

Hans the King

The Brabant club is not with Hans, the King, who in January was appointed as the successor of the dismissed Peter van den Berg. The King signed a contract until the end of the season and his side had hoped, with him still in the play-offs. Succeeded in the former goalkeeper.

“We are going with the club a new course. The composition of the staff fits better with the vision that we have in mind”, says Frank van Mosselveld, managing director of RKC. “With the appointment of Hans the King in January, we hoped still way up in to save. Unfortunately this has not had the desired effect.”

In addition, The King takes his side also farewell to assistant trainer Regillio Vrede, that for the past two years at the Waalwijkers in service.

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