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The bulls are back in the crypto world

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After a rather difficult start to the year, it appears as if the cops are again on the rise. Since the beginning of the month we have already added to currencies of more than 100 billion USD to the total market capitalization of all Crypto. One of the reasons for these positive price movement, the return of a considerable volume of trade, which had been the all-time high in January, the law is stagnant.

Data from TurtleBC that around 92% of the trade purchase orders-orders, this even surpasses that of the 82% of purchase orders that we have seen in January. These data represent a summary of all purchase orders in the following markets: BTC-ETH, BTC-XRP, BTC ETC, BTC-XMR, BTC-DASH, etc.

This enormous share of buy orders is a good indication that the market could be preparing for another bull market. This is due to the fact that the percentage of buy orders is a good Instrument to find the beginning and the end of the bull market – if the percentage is less than 10%, this is a good sign that buy signals appear soon.

Crypto-prices reflect the positive Trend

Similar to the huge increase in the purchase percentages, currencies, the prices of various Crypto such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple in the last month has been increasing steadily. Bitcoin has risen in the month of April by almost 50%, while Ethereum has almost doubled since it reached at the start of the month to a Low of $ 358 USD.

The current resurgence of the crypto market brings the market-analysts are in a bullish mood. Thomas Lee, co-founder and research Director of the Fund, entered, recently announced that his Endjahres-price (receive EOY) is for Bitcoin $ USD 25,000 – an increase of 184% compared to Bitcoins current price of $ 8.800 USD.

“We are still pretty confident that Bitcoin represents a good risk/reward ratio, and we believe that it could reach to the end of the year $ 25,000 in … It is overdue. Bitcoin was incredibly oversold.“

Tom Lee explained that the reason for this increase is located at the end of the tax season, which means that the people get their tax returns and are able to invest your remaining funds in crypto-currencies.

On the other side of the debate, Economists such as Kenneth Rogoff, which is Bitcoin’s future, however, are still still bearish: “If one removes the use of as money laundering and tax evasion, not more of the purposes, much of it left”.

“I think that Bitcoin will be a tiny fraction of its value, what it is now, when we look at us in ten years … I would see $ 100 in ten years are much more likely than $ 100,000”

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