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SwissBorg. Professional asset management for Everyone

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The banking industry is not, in the opinion of many experts, as it should in the age of digitalization and decentralization possibilities. On the one hand, the Ecosystem of the Blockchain is experiencing exponential growth, which brings a lot of smart solutions for financial management systems. Unfortunately, a variety of Off-Chain-financial ecosystems with outdated technologies so that professional verögens management services are only for elite customers.

So far, there are little efforts, the needs of the average customer, so to speak, the “Core Community” to accept and offer the appropriate solutions. There is a company out of Switzerland, SwissBorg, whose goal is a democratic, decentralized and non-professional Ecosystem for the professional management of your crypto-Assets.

SwissBorg is a decentralized Bank Ecosystem, in Lausanne (Switzerland) was founded. The DAO aims to make the Swiss Private Banking System by individuals from democratic, transparent and trustworthy system benefit services to manage your crypto-assets. On the other hand, investment managers and financial advisers have access to crypto-currency, asset classes and Best-of-Breed technologies (Blockchain, and AI), to be able to better serve customers.

Over time, companies lose their focus on the really important priorities of the business and are therefore able to attract new talents and innovative Thinking.

SwissBorg would like to create a Cyber-Wealth Management company that is wholly owned by its members.

In essence, the following points are taken into account:

  • Meritocracy and swarm intelligence is at the heart of SwissBorgs Ecosystem, and ensures that, in accordance with the interests of the community will be traded
  • The combined intelligence of the SwissBorg community with the quality of Advisory tools
  • Highly efficient analysis tools in cooperation with a large abundance of data, indicators and statistics
  • To keep the block chain technology to the work processes quickly and cost-effectively
  • Fairness, transparency, accessibility and trust by the Community

For whom SwissBorg is suitable?

In fact, everyone can, no matter whether you are an individual, a financial expert, or other DAOs benefit from the use of SwissBorg.

Individuals can set up your own Portfolio to manage and of the cryptographic system indexes an advantage to get Trends and price fluctuations at an early stage to detect and to use. In addition, you can be a SwissBorg-Smart mandate . The 100%term transparency for investors secure their Investments in the hands of a professional platform.

You can here a member of the Financial Community, and as an Investor or asset Manager, the growth of the SwissBorg community support.

Especially for a decentralized Autonomous organization SwissBorg is a good Option to Multi-crypto-currency to make Cash Management more effective and easier, also without much investment knowledge.

Good founder for SwissBorg

Developed In Switzerland

SwissBorg is proud to use the technology of the block chain technology to create a huge Advantage for the financial services industry.

High-End Technology

The Blockchian is connected with an artificial intelligence that is able to offer the best Asset Management solutions.


Each member, including you, can be a part of the Wealth Management Solution and the current and future research will determine, to a ride.

Smart Contracts

The smart contracts are at the heart of the technology. This will ensure a smooth cooperation between all those involved in the process. Each customer has its own Smart Contract (also Smart mandate), with which he can set up his assets according to his needs, to gain the maximum benefit from its investment strategies.

So, you invest in the project

Currently, there are two different ways you in the wealth of tech Startup can invest:

  1. The SB Cryptallion Token is a Multi-strategy-Token-of-hedge-Fund, the currencies of the participants access to advanced investment strategies in Crypto with a competitive fee structure. The Cryptallion (CSB) tokens will be distributed 100% to the network.
  2. The DAO, which returns the CHSB-Token that granted to the Voters voting rights and economic rights, a Swiss cooperative. SwissBorg Token holders are entitled to revenue from the DAO and guarantee them a say in the further technical development of the project.

SwissBorg is a completely novel and innovative technological platform, which allows access to cryptographic data, and statistics with a direct connection to an artificial intelligence that helps you make the right investment divorces.

This view of the digital asset management company will revolutionize the crypto-trade and promote.

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Mary Plitt PR

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