Suspect carnage Toronto shows no emotion and is silent on motive

c7b917a005c13c80003a4db6f7bd577f - Suspect carnage Toronto shows no emotion and is silent on motive

TORONTO – The 25-year-old man Monday in the Canadian Toronto a massacre ravaged by a van to drive at pedestrians, says not at all about the reason of his heinous act. That turned out to be Tuesday when the man was brought up.

Alek Minassian, a student, is tenfold murder and thirteen attempts to murder charged. The act has all the characteristics of an Islamic State-inspired attack, but according to the Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau, there are no indications for a terrorist motive.

During the hearing, arc Minassian his shaven head down. He showed no emotion and talked softly with his lawyer. One time he took the word, to his name to say. Furthermore, did he keep silent. According to Canadian media, is an intelligent man who is struggling with mental health problems. The father of the defendant, Vahe Minassian, was Tuesday, also seen in the court.

Minassian was not known to the authorities and a classmate says in Canadian media that he is the boy realize as ’completely harmless’. The house of the man in the north of Toronto is being investigated.

Vahe Minassian, the father of the defendant, to the court.

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