Sure Gordon is not yet over

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The Dutch showbizzfiguur Gordon may be the case against his ex have won; however, there is even dark side to the outcome of the process. If the two are not able to comply and a decision had to be done, would the hundreds of WhatsApp conversations of the men on the street. And now that has happened. The conversations are very explicit. “Your cock, I want every day“, says Gordon, for example. Kevin B. stating: “Whahaha. M’n dick. The rest is not.” According to the court, it is clear that the two have a sexual relationship. “So inform the defendant on January 13, ( … ), for example: “Tomorrow bounce eh we talk nice and then everything is ok!’. And on 24 January, 2018 19:24:26 pm and 19:25:55 pm, the parties explicitly about together again to fuck, very horny and the best ever.” Gordon is put in the right by the court: Kevin can no longer deny that he is an affective and sexual relationship with Gordon. Per violation a fine of 5,000 euros to be paid.

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