Stan Lee by masseuse accused to cross-border behavior

648754f73ebd30ec3085c22fd6ba4dfe - Stan Lee by masseuse accused to cross-border behavior

Maria Carballo, who last year was hired to Stan Lee a massage in his hotel room, accusing him of sexual abuse. The 95-year-old creator of Marvel would include her foot against his crotch have been pushed during the treatment.

In the rechtbankpapieren explains the woman, according to The Wrap that two times when Lee has been a massage.

During the first treatment, she would have seen that the stripboekenschrijver themselves would feel. Then she asked him to turn over, so that it would stop, then she would have a wet spot on the towel from Lee. When they are thighs massaged, would Lee are going to moan that Carballo is from the feet made.

The woman was later phoned by her employer, which excuses would have received from the creator of the Hulk and Spider-Man. After the massage, he was still angry, because it would have lasted.

Second massage

Carballo was the day after back to the hotel room of Lee to massage him. In the indictment state that, he once again began to moan, then the masseuse wanted to leave. Lee would then be naked, got up, and angry, have demanded that Carballo would continue with the massage.

There, the masseuse to join in, but she decided with her foot massage. When Lee this beetpakte and against his naked genitals and began to rub it, decided Carballo yet to leave.

The masseuse demands an amount of at least $ 50,000, plus a strafsom and compensation for incurred costs.

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