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Spicy fines for Cercle Brugge and Beerschot Wilrijk after incidentrijke final in 1B

4c4912e41fcc4ed19c1f010615dc7673 - Spicy fines for Cercle Brugge and Beerschot Wilrijk after incidentrijke final in 1B

The board of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) Tuesday, hefty fines imposed on Cercle Brugge and Beerschot Wilrijk. The phd student from the Proximus League should be 5,500 euros to pay for incidents with supporters in the 1B final in Bruges ‘ Jan breydel stadium. The behavior of the visitors of Beerschot Wilrijk provides the “Rats” of 3,000 euro fine.

Cercle Brugge


3 – 1

Heenwedstrijd 0-1

Beerschot Wilrijk

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The final match of the Proximus League on march 10, was organizationally not flawless. Both the Match Delegate as a referee Alexandre Boucaut presented a report of the incidents: the excessive use of pyrotechnic means, veldbetreding supporters, riots after the game, lack of organization and the sudden disappearance of the ballenjongens during the duel.

On the basis of Cercle Brugge and Beerschot Wilrijk by the Bondsparket on the mat is called. Attorney Ebe Verhaegen progressed 1,500 euros for the Antwerp club, and double that for the West-Flemish. A (conditional or partial) ” home without the public belonged not to the prosecution.

Both parties were heard, but could not leniency count of the arbitration board. Cercle Brugge and Beerschot Wilrijk were each given 3,000 euro fine for excessive use of pyrotechnic means (1.500 euro) and the supportersrellen (1,500 euros). The Bruges candidate will receive a 2.500 euro top, as they as the home team was responsible for the poor organisation.

Both clubs can still appeal against the verdict.

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