Sarah Jessica Parker says not to argue with Kim Catrall

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Sarah Jessica Parker denies that there has ever been a long-running feud with her Sex And The City colleague, Kim Cattrall.

“There is no catfight. There is never a catfight been,” said Parker in an interview with Vulture. “There were four women on that set and I have with everyone as much time spent. So this was not a set of with two women who are not able to find it.”

Rumors about a feud between Parker and Catrall laaiden on when it turned out that the latter is definitively not wanted to participate in a third Sex And The Citymovie. “If they choose not to make the film, I can that there was not much change and we need to respect. We have made our disappointment about this reality, but we live in a free country where everyone has its own choices to make and sometimes the answer is no,” said Parker.

No girlfriend

Catrall seemed to Parker’s disappointment over the loss of a third SATC movie in the fall of 2017 is not good to conceive. In a British talk show, let them know that her old colleague kinder had to respond. She said also: “I never understood what her problem was.”

Last winter went wrong between the two. Catrall shared on Instagram messages about her missing brother, who later died appeared. All of her SATCco-workers responded with statements of support. In the first instance, thanked Catrall them, later she placed a message about Parker. “You persistent messages are a painful reminder about how cruel you were and are. Let me be very clear: you’re not family and you’re not my girlfriend.”


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