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Ripple launches “New Infrastructure for Innovation”-Initiative

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Ripple Labs, the company behind the Token XRP Ripple has presented a few days ago, a new Initiative to focus on Ripple’s Distributed Ledger technology, and payment technology for Central banks and other financial institutions. During the rest of the cryptocurrency market in the last 24 hours deep in the Minus, can Ripple recorded a price rise of 9 per cent, to editorial time.

The Initiative is intended to enable financial institutions to use the technology of Ripple, and to explore at the same time, the possibilities of the Blockchain itself and to develop solutions. The Initiative is a result of the numerous work Together with various banks and financial institutions in the year 2017 and is expected to reach the focus on the development of the infrastructure between the Ripple and the financial services sector.

As mentioned a month ago reported, makes Ripple great progress, to take in the banking sector. Last month, Axis Bank (based in India), Standard Chartered (Singapore) and the RAKBANK (UAE) announced that it will use RippleNet now to the cross-border payment traffic in these regions.

A few days ago, on 18. December 2017, announced the Ripple in addition, the Krungsri Bank (Bank of Ayudhya PCL), one of the largest banks in Thailand, the uses RippleNet to send cross-border payments between a large (non-identified) South-East Asian Petro-chemical company and its foreign customers. The transactions would be completed, as a result, within a few seconds, compared to the previous System, there were at least one to three working days.

In Japan, 61 banks belong to the “Japan Bank Consortium”, which is the Ripple technology is testing on a hosted Ripple platform as a precursor for a possible production use.

In the framework of the Initiative RippleLabs area refers to his Twitter Account on its technological Superiority compared to the major competitors. The following, from our point of view very interesting overview of the transactional speed of the Ripple in comparison to the other hard in the crypto world, weights were tweeted:

… and the transaction costs:

The Ripple rate increases contrary to the negative market trends

Ripple is currently the only Coin within the Top 40 crypto-currencies, which for the last 24 hours in the positive range.

Compared to yesterday’s day, as an all-time high of € 1.02 per XRP achieved, but also the Ripple of the course.

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