Pompeo step closer to appointment as foreign affairs minister

5fbb3b0eb110c4f00081b20b5055ef3a - Pompeo step closer to appointment as foreign affairs minister

In the U.s. Senate, the Foreign Relations committee, on Monday the green light for the appointment of Mike Pompeo. He is the president of Donald Trump as minister of Foreign Affairs nominated. The vote went along party lines.

The appointment of the current CIA director, as minister for foreign affairs went less smoothly than He had hoped. Pompeo threatened even to not have a majority in the commission, while all the other recent nominations for the post of Foreign Affairs unanimously its support received. The commission gave in more than a century, no negative advice more for an appointment at the post.

Within the Republican Party there is disagreement about Pompeo. Senator Rand Paul had last week indicated that he joined the Democrats would need to connect the appointment to block. Just before the vote, he changed his mind, and he gave finally his approval, after he say that sufficient guarantees had been given of Trump and Pompeo about ‘important issues’.

Power of attorney

Yet, ended the first vote Monday on a stalemate, with 11 Republican votes and 10 Democratic votes against. One of the Republicans, senator Johnny Isakson, was not present because he had a funeral attended, and had cast their vote by proxy released. According to the rules of the Senate may appoint, however, only be approved by a majority of the senators present. In a second vote decided Democratic senator Chris Coons to abstain, allowing the vote on 11-9 ended.

After the positive advice of the commission will this week the full Senate over the appointment bend. The vote may, in principle, no problem: the Republicans have 51 of the 100 seats, a narrow majority and some Democrats have already indicated that it is also for to will vote.

Pompeo has already begun his work for the diplomacy. During the easter weekend he took a secret visit to the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in preparation of his meeting with Trump in may or early June.

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