Penoza-director makes international vampierenserie

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The Dutch director Diederik van Rooijen (Penoza), the international vampierenserie the Host of the Night directing. It is a large-scale European drama series, produced by Lemming Film in co-operation with AVROTROS and a number of European parties.

Diederik van Rooijen

The host of the Night is a vampierenserie that takes place in Europe at the end of the nineteenth century. The series, intended for viewers of ten years and older, tells of the children of the last remaining vampierclans that a pact was close to survive.

The casting is currently taking place. There will also be Dutch actors to participate in the project, made producer Lemming Film Tuesday known. The recordings are scheduled from June. The series will consist of two seasons of thirteen episodes. The series is written by Swedish screenwriter Maria von Heland, based on the award-winning German book series That Erben der Nacht.

Fusion of genres

Diederik van Rooijen directed the hit series Penoza, the feature films of Daylight and Taped. He now works for a number of years in Hollywood. Soon comes his first American film. “This series is a beautiful fusion of genres,” says Van Rooijen. “Fantasy, coming of age, action, adventure, and even kostuumdrama. In my youth I devoured all vampierenfilms who were there. With that passion, I want this series to be a credible world where vampires roam the web and be hunted. Where our heroes are children who learn to master their powers.”

Producer Fleur Winters of Lemming Film states that the Host of the Night “completely fits our vision to international level to compete in the field of high-end television drama in Europe”.

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