Paris Jackson gets out to family members

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Paris Jackson is getting ready with family members about her talk with the media. In a video on Instagram she says to them: “If you’re so concerned for me, give me a call.”

Paris Jackson

In response to her post were reports last weekend that it would deal with the daughter of Michael Jackson. That came on the corridor, when she recently had a video placed on the edge of a high building ran. After several followers, the comparison had to be made with the way her father once her brother Blanket over a balcony left dangling, took Paris the video.

Yet it reacted in a family anonymously, concerned about compared to the New York Post. One of them told the newspaper: “She is really lost.” The family would keep in mind that Paris will soon have a slump and would have.

Not true

In an Instagram Story denied Paris on Monday that she has problems. “Apparently, some people think that I’m dead. That is terrible and not true.” According to the 20-year-old she got even a sms from her therapist, but laughed also to the gossip. Then she turned to the Jacksons that the press are talking about. “To all family members who are on the news state that they are worried: when you have me for the last call?”

People who really know as brother Prince know better, says Paris. “Prince is not worried about me. And why not? Because Prince and I very much talk to each other.”

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