Offender Toronto is a ” sorcerer with computer chips’

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Who is the 25-year-old Alek Minassian, who Monday with a white van at least ten people doodreed on a sidewalk in Toronto?

The incident occurred at around 13.30 local time. Kilometres zigzagged through a group Minassian back and forth with a rented van. When heavily battered, abandoned, threatened Minassian with a firearm, but eventually he could be arrested.

In local media, came after the facts immediately different details about the identity of the culprit to the surface. It is a 25-year-old man from Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Special needs

Minassian years of teaching in a secondary school for young people with special needs. According to classmates, he walked always with cast head through the corridors, with the hands firmly squeezed.

Shereen Chami, a former klasgenote of Minassian, describes him as ‘not violent’. According to her, the man also regularly miauwgeluidjes’. “He was not a social person, but in my memory he was absolutely harmless.’

“I don’t think he’s really good friends had,” says Ari Bluff, another former classmate. “I never saw him with a group of friends. Every time I saw him, we said “hello” to each other, but he was not really sociable.’

Other classmates, who whish to remain anonymous, confirm the lack of social skills. According to them, had Minassian no significant religious ties, and he was, indeed, not violent. One classmate finds it surprising that Minassian has ever learned to drive and that he was able to own a van to rent.


From the accounts of Minassian on social media it appears, moreover, that he specialized in software development. As blogged he is in between september 2013 and march 2014 about the continuation of studies at the Centre for Development of Open Technology at Seneca College in Toronto. Classmates there describe him as an expert and a wizard with computer chips and code.

According to the police was Minassian is not known for crimes in the past. There is, however, no suspicion of terrorist motives.

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