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No Spanish future for the Brazilian-Belgian: “I Am convinced that I can make it at Man United”

31c0540c123989bfd67f5b60f5fbcf54 - No Spanish future for the Brazilian-Belgian: “I Am convinced that I can make it at Man United”

Andreas Pereira will be next season, probably not more to be admired in the shirt of Valencia. The Spanish club wants the Belgian with Brazilian roots permanently annex it after they him this season, rented from Manchester United. Pereira thank you for that and would like to succeed at the Mancunians.

Pereira is the son of ex-footballer Marcos Pereira and was born in Duffel. He is this season with five assists and one goal in 22 appearances for Valencia, that earned him a season to rent from Manchester United. Pereira has dual nationality and played for the U17 for the Belgian national junior. From then on, he opted for the Seleçao, but a cap for the A-team Pereira (yet). He can therefore choose between the Red Devils and the Brazilian national team.

Despite the fact that Pereira this season, never a hard starting could conquer, it seems the Spanish club is satisfied with the development and there is interest in Pereira final take over of the English recordkampioen. Pereira said in an interview to the South China Morning Post know that he is flattered by the interest, but that he never planned for the Mancunians to leave. “I still have a contract until 2020 at Old Trafford and am planning to do. I am convinced that I can make”.

Still, Pereira is not unhappy about its passage by Valencia, with a fourth place very well in La Liga. “I am here as a better football player. I have learned to weekly, to perform at the highest level. Each week there was a victory expected. That has made me mentally stronger.”

Pereira will probably be in July in the preparation to start for Manchester United. Coach José Mourinho believes strongly in the attacking midfielder and was already not happy that Pereira has chosen to be a second consecutive season on loan to be (In 2016-2017, he played at Granada). Now Marouane Fellaini leave the club and Michael Carrick are shoes on the hook, is, the greater the chance that Peirera next season, a move would be able to conquer.

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