’No highway for Balkan countries to EU’

cd2d853ce39dfd44230b0e36b394daa5 - ’No highway for Balkan countries to EU’

TIRANA – The route of the six Balkan countries seeking membership of the European Union will seem more like a steeplechase than on a highway. Donald Tusk, president of the European Council of heads of government, said in Tirana on a visit to the Albanian prime minister Edi Rama. Tusk called it in the interest of the EU that the region,be fully integrated in the union and that, according to him eventually happen.

Donald Tusk

European commission President Juncker traveled last spring along the six capitals and Tusk do that this week, in preparation for a summit on 16 may in Sofia, where the EU heads of state and government of the western Balkans to discuss. Juncker has previously 2025 as indicative” richtjaar for accession mentioned. His right hand Frans Timmermans said on Tuesday against the NOS that enlargement of the EU is a case of ,,very, very long breath’.

The accession negotiations with Montenegro (2012) and Serbia (2014) claim is a difficult process. The European Commission recommended last week that talks with Albania and Macedonia can be opened. Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo are not that far yet. The six countries present a long time does not meet the requirements, certainly not on the level of corruption and crime.

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