Movies & Series Pass presents: 20th Century Women

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A beautiful dramedy about the life of a single mother in the California of the late ‘ 70s. ‘20th Century Women’ from 28 april to view the Movies & Series Pass of Proximus TV.

Award-winning director Mike Mills brings with ‘20th Century Women’, a funny and touching story about a teenage boy living with his mother and two other women who help with his upbringing in California in 1979.

We follow Dorothy Fields, a single mother, her fifteen-year-old son Jamie only raised in a large rural house in Santa Barbara. She calls it regularly, with the aid of two other women: Abbie, a free-spirited punkkunstenares them inwoont, and Julie, their self-willed, smart girl next door. The three women tell Jamie, each in their own way about their life, their experiences with men and women, love, and freedom.

The film plays itself out at the end of the 70’s and that means a relaxed atmosphere, nostalgic music, and people who one cigarette after the other, smoking.

In his previous film ‘Beginners – which in 2010 won an Oscar – told the director Mike Mills the story of his father, with this ‘20th Century Women’, he brings an ode to his mother. A story about love, understanding and release, and a film that zoom in on small moments.

Annette Bening shines in the role of Dorothea, and was awarded with a Golden Globe nomination. The film got a Oscar nomination for best screenplay, and a Golden Globe nomination for best film in the category comedy.

In the cast you’ll see more Greta Gerwig as Abbie and Elle Fanning as Julie. Lucas Jade Zumann plays the role of the teenage son, and Billy Cudrup (Jackie) drips within as an itinerant carpenter who is also in Dorothea’s house resides.

Fancy a fun dramedy with strong acting? ’20th Century Women’ from april 28 to be available with the Movies & Series Pass Proximus TV!

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