Monarchs run charm offensive in New York

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Our country has Monday night in New York and a reception held with over 400 attendees. Together with king Philippe and queen Mathilde defended minister of Foreign Affairs Didier Reynders, there are the Belgian candidacy for a seat in the United Nations Security council in 2019-2020, which on June 8 vote.

The Belgian royal couple landed Monday in New York, where she is at the invitation of the president of the General Assembly of the UN, Miroslav Lajcák, a high-level meeting to attend on peace-building and sustainable peace. King Filip will be the first speaker to take the floor at the conference. The visit lasts until Wednesday.

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Monday afternoon, visited the king and queen together with Reynders, who a day earlier was off to the big apple, the Morgan Library & Museum in Manhattan. There is currently the exhibition ‘Power and Grace’ with drawings of the Flemish baroque painters of photos to Peter Paul Rubens, Antoon van Dyck and Jacob Jordaens.

In the library, organized our country then a reception, which the king and queen more than 400 guests invited. It includes a lot of permanent representatives to the UN, but also the Irish president Michael Higgins, his Gambian counterpart, Adama, Barrow, the German minister of Foreign Affairs, Heiko Maas and his Turkish ambtsgenoot Mevlut Cavusoglu.

More than an hour long, received the king and queen each guest with a short conversation and a photo opportunity. While the guests could taste of Belgian beer, chocolate and mussels with fries, took minister Reynders the word. In his speech, he put our country in the paint with the eye on a non-permanent seat in the Security council. So, he pointed out that Belgium situated ‘between North and South Europe, between the Germanic and Romance cultures and languages, “and a” political and strategic crossroads ” and ” the capital of Europe’.

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