Luizenmoeder-actress replaces Antje Monteiro

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Rian Gerritsen, known as mother Kim, from The Luizenmoeder, replaces Antje Monteiro in the scene hot Flushes 4 – cast off!. Antje Monteiro played three theatre seasons long in the vriendinnencomedy, but plays in the coming theatre season, the role of Donna in the musical Mamma Mia!.

Rian Gerritsen

Rian plays in Hot flashes 4 the role of Loes, the sister of Monteiro’s character Lydia. She comes aboard a cruise ship, the girlfriends Mary (Sandra Mattie), Joke (Anouk van Nes) and Shirley (Joanne Telesford). They are on a journey, but all have trouble getting their problems on shore.

Loes by her sister, a famous singer, roped to a well-paid schnabbel to take over. But the smoking of two packs of cigarettes per day, has her singing voice is not well done. And, of course, have all the ladies still suffering from the physical and psychological discomforts that the transition entails.

Rian Gerritsen is known from the tv series Van Speijk, Doctor Deen, cell block H, Gas, and The Luizenmoeder and the movies Longer Light, The resurrection of a bastard, and Kidnapping. Soon, she plays the leading role in the Italian film Due piccoli Italiani Paulo Sassenelli.

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