Lieven Van Gils is looking for audience for Eurosongspecials

19ed339c8176c9e6b38e79a0168949ce - Lieven Van Gils is looking for audience for Eurosongspecials

Lieven Van Gils is back on Monday evening with Van Gils & Guests started. In the course of the month of may he makes some of the specials around the Eurovision song Contest and therefor he is looking for fans.

“There are 3 specials on the occasion of the Eurovision song Contest, 8, 10 and 12 may and we’re still looking to the public”, it sounds. “Preferably people who have some affection with the song festival, of course.”

The first special is on may 8, but that is already full. The broadcast that evening is a special around the song Contest! That night Sennek in the preliminary round, so the whole episode is dedicated to her participation. The recording will be for one time in two parts: – a first part for the song Contest, which Lieven will talk with experts about Sennek, the chances of success, and so on, and a second part after the song contest, in which the experts an afterthought do what just in the song Contest happened.

Between part 1 and part 2 can be quite the audience for the live broadcast of the song Contest on the big screen in the studio, together with Lieven and his praatgasten!

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