“Let the bus of AS Roma’

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Jürgen Klopp has the fans of Liverpool begged to have respect for the opponent AS Roma and not the team bus to attack. That’s what happened last month when the bus of Manchester City for the Champions League match the stadium binnenreed.

The bus of Manchester City

The UEFA is running an investigation into all the incidents around Anfield. The bus was attacked with beverage bottles and also was there shortly before the race with fireworks thrown in. Klopp says that he is only the passion in the stands wants to see.

“Liverpool is such a beautiful club, which is known all over the world to the atmosphere at Anfield. Then we don’t need fireworks and glass to catch a bus from Roma to throw. Please, show a little respect,” said Klopp.

“We are only opponents on the field, not outside the stadium.” Just like at Feyenoord at the time (as a result of incidents against AS Roma) threatens the UEFA hard, to take measures against Liverpool.

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