Kourtney Kardashian on the front lines in Congress

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Kourtney Kardashian has on Tuesday paid a visit to the American Congress in Washington. She came along to talk about the danger of some skin care products and cosmetics.

The oldest Kardashian-scion has partnered with non-profit Environmental Working Group, which is a wetsaanpassing wants for safer personal care products. It is eighty years ago that in the US for the last something has been done in that area.

Kourtney said only to be aware of ingredients in personal care products and cosmetics when she had her first son. “When the ball got only roles. As a mother you’ve got much more interest in,” said the realityster according to People. She got time to say a lot of products and that they are there for the convenience presumed that everything was safe. “I heard later from my mother’s friends that all was not healthy.”

According to Kourtney, it should not be that you now wander aimlessly in the store for you to safe products. “I think it is time that the Congress here something to do.”

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