Klopp raves about Virgil van Dijk

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For Virgil van Dijk explained Jürgen Klopp with Liverpool without hesitation 85 million euro down.

Virgil van Dijk in a tête-à-tête with Jürgen Klopp.

According to José Mourinho, who of course had to interfere, ’too much money’. Klopp laughed at his rival from Manchester. Just as he former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher a wipe out the pan, gave in February, when who claimed that Van Dijk’s first take had to go and lose weight.

Klopp: “I think mr Carragher himself a few kilos. We have the best dieticians in service and who have given me no information that there is a gram too much on the large body of Virgil.”

Jamie Carragher

He is the central defender of Orange a huge asset for his team. Defensive stands like a house and that, too, will tonight be needed against the Italians, who were able to three times to score against Barcelona. “Virgil is a warrior and a leader. He put the lot down, as it should be. I did not get him removed because he was an exemplary boy, but because he is a good player. His good character is a bonus.”

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