King Filip speecht at the UN: “Peace is not a utopia”

74cf66a2f1e6cf1759511e67ed4f1f3f - King Filip speecht at the UN: "Peace is not a utopia"

King Filip and queen Mathilde are in New York as part of a Belgian campaign to make our country a seat in the UN Security council to deliver. The king speechte this afternoon (Belgian time) at the General Assembly of the United Nations.

Peace was the theme of the speech. “The number of major violent conflicts since 2010 has tripled, but lasting peace is within reach. It is not a utopia. You have to believe in it and act accordingly, ” says our king.

King Filip pointed to the historic role of Belgium, located in the heart of Europe. “Our ambition is for societies to forge that no one humiliate, giving everyone the opportunity to build self-esteem and talents. The dignity of a society is measured by the way in which they care for the weakest and the most vulnerable.’

“It is our obligation to each crisis situation is to create a framework in which sustainable peace is possible,” says the king. He points out that peace needs time to grow, and that the end of physical violence is only the beginning of a long healing process.

UN Security council

King Filip and queen Mathilde lobbying to Belgium a seat as a temporary member of the UN Security council. Both in 2019 and in 2020 will there be a seat available, but Belgium is not the only candidate. Germany and Israel want to join. About a month and a half follows a vote in the General Assembly of the United Nations about the distribution of the seats among the temporary members.

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