Kim Kardashian out the clothes for perfume

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Kim Kardashian has the world already reveal a lot of her body, but for the promotion of her new fragrance goes a step further. In a new series of nude photos on Twitter and Instagram let the realityster almost nothing to the imagination.

The 37-year-old Kim posted on the official page of her KKW Fragrance page a picture of her entire upper body. Only her nipples and vagina are slightly weggeblurd. A second and third picture, that one single form, show her upper body lying on the bed. Here Kim likes her arm for her breasts and lifts her leg slightly to ensure that everything is visible.

The new perfume KKW Body is according to Kim draws on her naked body. The smell comes on 30 april.

Kim is not averse to sharing half-naked pictures of themselves. It supplies its usually a storm of responses from followers. Many people find it can not with the eye on her children while others just love it.

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