Johnny de Mol has become father of a son

d607df9796e299f414c8a672ef31301a - Johnny de Mol has become father of a son

Johnny de Mol (39), and Anouk van Schie (36) Monday, became parents of their first child together. The presenter shared Tuesday morning on Instagram a photo of son Johnny.

Johnny and Anouk with their latest ’acquisition’, Johnny.

“Hey, little friend!”, he writes in the first familiekiekje. “There you are then, welcome dear Johnny.” The presenter shows, through his hashtags know a proud father. Also praises his upcoming (#mamazenmaster) and let him know that the small completely out of order (#alleseropeneraan).

The SBS-star was previously already known that he and his son Johnny would call. “My great-grandfather was called and my grandfather and my father also, so that was not a difficult choice”, said Johnny in november in The Coen & Sander Show on Radio 538. “It’s been quite some generations back.”

The set, which, since the summer of 2016, was announced in October that she is a child expected. Anouk posted on Instagram a picture, on which three pairs of shoes, followed by ’2018’ and a question mark. “You’re so welcome, and we are intensely happy! More than this is not it!”, was the caption. From a previous relationship has Anouk a daughter, Kiki.

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