Jan Jaap van der Wal comment Frisian fountains

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Jan Jaap van der Wal delivers the commentary in the new documentary 11 Frisian Fountains of director Roel van Dalen. In the context of Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2018 build international artists in the eleven Frisian cities a fountain.

Jan Jaap van der Wal

In the 11 Frisian Fountains, late director Of the valley to see how the curator Anna Tilroe try the Marbles enthusiasm for the new waterkunstwerken. Manage the its basis of support among the population to create or knocked out the ambitious project on the common sense of the Frisian inhabitants that their beloved market square to see disappear?

The born in Leeuwarden Jan Jaap van der Wal attracts the province of Friesland in and gives his humorous commentary on the process. Roel van Dalen made earlier Ajax – There they heard angels singing and A strong band on the judofamilie Of the Spirit.

The NTR transmits the movie from the 20th of may in three parts on NPO 2. The documentary is Monday the 21st of may in Sneek official premiere. From may 24, rotates this in the movie theatres in the province of Friesland and a number of cinemas in the rest of the country, including Amsterdam and Nijmegen.

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