Israel stops provisionally deportation of Africans

625590155c35661e86f4cbc41a1043c8 - Israel stops provisionally deportation of Africans

TEL AVIV – The Israeli government has the supreme court let them know that there will be no deportations more to African countries be carried out. The plan is to do all of the job and all forthcoming evictions, past due, reported Israeli media.

The court has about the deportatieproblematiek bent after complaints from human rights activists. The government wanted to, in consultation with Rwanda and Uganda, many thousands of Africans to the Central African countries and fly them there with some pocket money to leave. Certainly one of these two countries has previously asylum seekers from Israel. Most of the asylum seekers in Israel come from Eritrea, Sudan and South Sudan.

Earlier this year, the government with an alternative plan to 16.500 African asylum seekers to western countries to convey, and the same for the time being in Israel to continue. That intent failed. The expansion to Rwanda and Uganda would again be arrested. But those two countries, that they nothing know.

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