Holes in ice north Pole set NASA for puzzle

1c76099d8106a8cba576f3d81f49e83f - Holes in ice north Pole set NASA for puzzle

Beaufort sea – space agency NASA has notable holes discovered at the north Pole. A research aircraft discovered the circles in the Beaufort sea, but for the moment it is known where they came from.

The mysterious holes in the ice in the Beaufort sea.

Researcher John Sonntag from NASA spotted a few weeks ago, all of the strange holes in the ice in Canada. Also he has no idea where the holes come from: “I can’t remember that I ever had anything like anywhere else I have seen.”

Several scientists from all over the world to try this mystery now to solve the problem. Ice-sheet that are colliding with each other, submarines, and seals are all mentioned as possible causes.

On social media, are aliens mentioned as causes of these holes.

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