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MEXICO CITY – A Medieval proefballonetje in a Mexican tv debate for presidential candidates to thieves hands cut off, has directly spawned.

Jaime ’Ell Bronco’ Rodriguez

The independent candidate Jaime Rodriguez, nicknamed El Bronco (Wild Horse), proposed on Sunday, the Mexican national television for thieves from now on, hands to heels.

On Monday, it was the same touch in the seaside resort of Acapulco. With a cut up body was a handwritten message from the murderers found.

,,El Bronco has already said. Hands off of criminals will get priority.’ It happens in Mexico more often that the other fighting criminal groups with similar messages down to the public opinion to play.

The victim would themselves citizens have extorted in Acapulco. His body parts were found along a busy street in the formerly famed resort.

During the tv debate was raining the negative reactions on social media to the remarkable proposal of Rodriguez. The current governor of the province of Nuevo Leon wants to make a proposal to the stealing of public money by politicians and civil servants to a halt.

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