Geraldine Kemper is not dreaming of a fairy tale wedding

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Geraldine Kemper is not dreaming of a fairytale wedding with her boyfriend Paul. The 28-year-old presenter says the utility of marriage is not to see.

“That seems to me to be so violent, that a party must show that the best party of your life. What a press say! Perhaps that’s a legacy of my background, that would be able to,” said Kemper, whose father is her family left when she was 5 years old, in a conversation with a Woman.

As her friend Paul, with whom she is now three years together, her marriage would ask, would they do so. “If he were to ask me, must mean a lot. But very small and no white dress. Only with mom and his parents. But well, you can also just make a ring and say: this ring is a symbol of our love.”

The presenter would like children, but there is currently not yet ready for. “No, as far as we are not yet. I have always said: ‘My mother was only 38 when she me, so I still have a moment’. I want to be a mother, but not yet. The next time, I’m still not pregnant in any case. Much too busy with work and travel and me further in development.”


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