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Former F1 champion Nico Rosberg will start the search for a new F1-champion

0e94d04043bd302fa8f465b0699aa8d2 - Former F1 champion Nico Rosberg will start the search for a new F1-champion

Nico Rosberg, F1 champion in 2016, has its own talentenprogramma for young racers started: the ‘Rosberg Young Driver Academy.

The Ferrari Young Driver Academy or the talent programs of teams like Mercedes, McLaren and Red Bull, we know longer. The concept always remains the same, as early as possible young racetalent find and these young riders then, provide guidance, and possibly to prepare for the Formula 1.

Now also has Nico Rosberg his own talentenprogramma started. The F1 world champion of 2016 beat the hands together with Dino Chiesa, his former team boss in the karting. Also Lewis Hamilton reed ever under the Mercedes-Benz McLaren kartteam that was headed for Chiesa.

Rosberg took a few days after getting his world title to end his career but really sit still to do, the German is clearly not. For a moment it was the world champion of 2016 linked to the management of Robert Kubica and in the meantime, he is also an expert for German tv station RTL.

With the ‘Championship Young Driver Academy’ wants, Nico Rosberg, young grid of racing talents to find and guide them in their autosportcarrière. A lot of young racertjes would undoubtedly be only too happy to be guided by a former F1 champion …

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