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Football Flanders and Expoline start scheidsrechtersschool

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Football Flanders and the Belgian company Expoline start with a ‘Expoline Referee College. That confirmed former top referee Frank De Bleeckere, ambassador of Expoline and carrier of the project, Tuesday to Belga. Both novice and more experienced referees or assistants may be at the scheidsrechtersschool go for arbitragekampen.

The idea is that referees are wider and more professional can be accompanied. In the first instance, that will happen on days of training. The Expoline Referee College offers a program for graduates who already have experience in amateur and professional football have gone through and the basic competences have to referee. But also the talents from the national and provincial football through a arbitragekamp are willing to learn are welcome. Finally, offer Football Flanders and Expoline also multi-day internships to which a group of referees can be ready for the next step in their career. Both the physical, the mental and the technical aspect are discussed. Expoline promises a professional framework, with physical trainers and technical instructors.

De Bleeckere gave the past two years as ambassador of Expoline, known for the vanishing spray, workshops for referees to assist with the spray can. “The Referee College is the next step. Referees of all levels and all ages guidance and training, my passion and transfer experience to colleagues. I do nothing more,” said Belgium’s best referee. “A Referee is not a sexy hobby. It is a job. But it is a great opportunity for you as a human being to develop. Learn how to deal with players and the public, regulations know and apply on-site, physically in order to learn social skills, it is a life lesson and experience. It is a passion.”

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