FIFA make plans for lucrative Nations League and world cup for clubs

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FIFA is making plans for an expanded world cup for clubs, and a global Nations League. Those two competitions must be between 2021 and 2033, an estimated 28 to 37 billion euros to bring in.

During the meeting of the FIFA executive last month in Bogota was spoken about the possible structure of the tournaments. Those plans are now according to the BBC will be further developed.

The British broadcasting expected in mid-may a special meeting will be held at the FIFA headquarters in Zurich to the detailed design of the new leagues to discuss.

That is FIFA in a statement still not confirm. “We will all plan to discuss with the different confederations, but there is currently no date planned for”, says the wereldvoetbalbond. “There are currently conversations ongoing with the various stakeholders.”

The league wants the number of teams at the world cup for clubs expand from seven to 24. The tournament once in the four years are completed.

Since 2005 annually in december a world cup for club teams is held, where the champions of the different continents against each other. Previously played the champions of Europe and South America against each other for the world cup for clubs. The first edition was in 1960 played.

The new design of the world cup for clubs would be in 2021 for the start. Of the 24 participants, twelve from Europe are: the eight finalists of the Champions League in the previous four years and the four winners of the Europa League. From South America places the four winners of the Copa Libertadores.

Nations League

In addition, the FIFA plans for a worldwide Nations League. In Europe (fall of 2018) and North America (fall 2019) in the near future, a similar league between the teams of start.

The global Nations League should be the place of the Confederations Cup take. At that tournament – that has existed since 1992 – playing the champions of the different continents, plus the organizer of the next world CHAMPIONSHIP against each other.

The first round of the Nations League is in the new plans still on continental level played. The best eight countries from different regions of the world qualify for the final.

Shortly before the world cup in Russia, the FIFA board met for a meeting in Moscow, where the plans will probably continue to be discussed.

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