‘Fast & Furious’ is now animated series on Netflix

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‘Fast & Furious’, one of the most successful action films in history, will be an offshoot in the form of an animated series on streamingplatform Netflix. That message entertainmentmagazine Deadline. The project is a result of the successful deal between Netflix and DreamWorks Animation Television.

In the animated series will teenager Tony Toretto in the footsteps of his cousin Stupid act when he and his friends are recruited by an agency of the government to a raceorganisatie, who as a front for a criminal gang, to infiltrate.

DreamWorks Animation Television with 14 productions in a period of five years, one of the spotting of Netflix. So, the company produced ‘Trollhunters’, an animated series directed by Guillermo del Toro, as well as “Spirit Riding Free’ and ‘All Hail King Julien’. Series from Dreamworks since 2013 for 17 Emmy Awards.

The eight ‘Fast & Furious’movies brought in a total of about 5 billion dollars in the coffers. ‘Furious 7’ exceeded in record time the border of 1 billion dollars in the worldwide box office. ‘The Fate of the Furious,” a reality worldwide, a absolutely knaldebuut. The next film in the franchise appears in July 2019 in the halls, chapters 9 and 10 are, respectively, april 2020 and april 2021 expected.

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