Evgeniy Levchenko found English sound like ‘sound of barking dogs’

015d0a011092ffcedebda68929c21b40 - Evgeniy Levchenko found English sound like 'sound of barking dogs'

Evgeniy Levchenko got on his arrival in the Netherlands, when he was 18 years old, nothing of the language. “It sounded like the sound of barking dogs.”

“The trip to Schiphol was my first time abroad. In the car to Arnhem, I put my nails in the chair, I waited for the large holes in the asphalt. I could not understand how in such a small country, everything is so good for each other could have,” said the 40-year-old former football player in interview with The Volkskrant.

The culture and understands the language Levchenko not as good as his girlfriend Victoria Koblenko. They came as 12-year-old to the Netherlands, according to the ex-footballer is an essential difference to the Netherlands is really understanding.

“Victoria has here in high school, she understands the culture and mentality better. The language she speaks much better than me. In Russia: the man earns the money, wife spends it. In the Netherlands they find: you buy your wife not. They pay together and take together the decisions. I’m not saying that it must be like in Russia.”

At home he speaks with Koblenko mainly Russian. “Except if we tell something about a conversation that we had with a Dutchman, then we switch to English.”


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