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Ethereum: Casper and Plasma come soon, Sharding has the highest priority

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Vitalik Buterin, founder of Ethereum, said on a conference the Casper and Plasma soon, however, the Sharding in the development agenda, currently holds the highest priority level.

At a conference in Singapore Vitalik Buterin gave the day before yesterday, an Overview of the current development of various problems of the Ethereum Ecosystem.

The implementation of Caspers Proof-of-Stake (PoS) was introduced last year in the Testnet, and is currently being tested on two of the Ethereum Clients.

The implementations on Python and Harmony’s Java. Basically, everything runs well, and it will follow in the next few months, the Harmony Node. Furthermore, he hopes to be the Go Geth and Parity are also implement Casper.

Although Buterin announced no precise time horizon, the sound of the descriptions are straight to the target.

Some more Updates may come with the Metropolis Constantinople Update in the summer.

Another much-awaited Update of the Ethereum network Plasma. Plasma is a Second Layer solution that can handle a large number of transactions On-Chain.

Through the implementation of Plasma millions of transactions per second can be processed.

Thus, Ethereum would go a decisive step forward, to be able to as a “common currency” to be used (at least in terms of scalability).
This Update could have, in our opinion, a strong positive influence on the course of Ethereum. A very vivid and remarkable presentation on the functioning of the Plasma there is to see here.

In addition to Plasma, there is a whole series of further scaling solutions for the Blockchain, one of which is the Sharding.

If in the Plasma network, a Block is invalid, then the sender gets his money back and the Blockchain is simply more of your work. If Sharding is a Block is invalid, then the entire chain is invalid and the System will ensure that all operations are done after this Block is invalid.

The first Version of Sharding is used, according to Buterin is already being deployed by some Teams, however, there is still a “lot”.

In order to solve the big Problem of the scaling of the Ethereum Blockchain, there are a number of different approaches. Like this presentation, as well as the message of the Ethereum Foundation (projects with financial be By means of as well as technical advice and access to people networks), is working on solutions.

The course of Ethereum, almost like the entire crypto-market, deep-red in Minus. Within the last 24 hours is a price decline of about 11 percent . The price is for the editors time in 538,68 Euro and a corresponding Marktakpitalisierung of around 52 billion euros.

The total market capitalization of the crypto market has fallen under the 300 billion Euro mark and is close to 285 billion euros.

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