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EOS-Mainnet Launch is imminent; Bitfinex is applying as a block producer

ae73b16554891b998a63e11fb9541847 - EOS-Mainnet Launch is imminent; Bitfinex is applying as a block producer

The EOS Token has been shown in the last few weeks, a strong Performance and good price development. The Launch of the Mainnet EOS moves in 40 days with in the reach, so that the EOS rates could rise in the last days. Furthermore, Bitfinex has announced the EOS to work.

For the 02.06.2018 the Launch of the EOS Mainnets is planned in the EOS Token from the Ethereum move Blockchauf on the Mainnet and the EOS Blockchain. The Transition is intended to increase the speed dramatically, lowering transaction costs, and the Blockchain more efficient and reliable.

Some of the largest crypto stock exchanges in the world, Binance and Bitfinex, have announced its full support for the forthcoming EOS-Start. Both stock exchanges are to create all technical prerequisites necessary for an unobstructed Token Swap.

Bitfinex has announced a few hours ago that the stock market is run as the EOS Block Producer, and in addition, the EOS project with the Council and act as an incubator.

Bitfinex is one of the oldest stock exchanges and can draw on a large Team and a lot of experience in the industry. Bitfinex takes (freely translated):

Our Vision as a block producer is that of an evolving incubator, the potential of EOSIO combined with the year-long experience at all levels of research, development and implementation of supports.

Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPOS)

With the Transition to the Mainnet will change the Consensus of the EOS. Delegated Proof-of-Stake is a Dan Larimer-developed process, which is supposed to fix the problems of POW and POS systems.

In a delegated “Proof-of-Stake” System in a democracy is created by a community of block producers and defined users. There are a fixed number of 21 block prodzenten, also referred to as delegates. The delegates are elected by vote. In the framework of the DPOS of each can, the EOS has for delegate votes.

These representatives to validate the transactions and form the consensus and to be paid for their efforts through the System. Any user who feels that EOS, can, in theory, be delegated, if he is able to provide the necessary Hardware. All delegates that do not come in the first 21, be placed on a waiting list.

If a block prodzent not in the sense of the community acts, it may deprive the community of their voices. The vote is running almost always. In addition, there is no competition between the delegates, because the algorithm determines the block producers randomly in proportion to their share of the vote.

Probably due to the euphoria for the imminent Launch of the Mainnet is the EOS course within the last 24 hours to 17,81% to a price of 11,12 euros and a market capitalization of 11,18 billion euros increased. The reasons for the current price rise we have already discussed earlier in detail.

The Launch of the Mainnets could fuel the rate further, so that the current Trend could be continued in the future. Whether the COP is actually the next days and weeks hold out, can only show the next time.

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