Driver of truck is accused of tenfold murder

ad4311137c9ff0f9b98a4d8eb91a4571 - Driver of truck is accused of tenfold murder

The driver of the van that Monday rammed the crowd in Toronto Tuesday formally indicted for a ten-fold murder. In addition, he is also indicted for thirteen assassination attempts. He remains held.

Alek Minassian heard, with shaved head and in a white gevangenisplunje, the reading of the indictment. According to journalists on the spot, he showed little emotions.

The court did not bring any elements to the violence of Minassian can explain. About a good two weeks, on may 10, Minassian re-appear before the court.

Monday rode the 25-year-old Minassian with his van at high speed on a sidewalk in the busy suburb of North York, in the north of Toronto. Minassian made, at a distance of nearly a kilometer, ten dead and at least 15 wounded.

In the indictment, the killed people have not been identified. In the meantime, it is known that two South Koreans and a Canadian, which for the investment company Invesco in work for the dead.

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