Dogsitter had sex with shepherd dog Rasko: “Dog asked to’

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OUDENAARDE – A Belgian dogsitter three months jail because he had sex with a German shepherd which he had to fit. According to the man, “asked the dog to”.

Not the shepherd dog from the story.

Of the court in Oudenaarde, he must also 6000 euro fine to pay and he is allowed three years, no animals have more love.

The owner of Rasko, H. P., went in January 2016 for a week with his family on vacation. Through the site he came to dogsitter D. D. M., in batman where he often use of had made.

’Sex on camera’

During his holidays could H. P. at home to watch what was happening in his house. Saw the guy that D. D. M. multiple times of sexual acts performed with his dog, Rasko. That while the dogsitter was aware of the cameras in the house were.

P. decided to take his vacation time to blow up and early to go home. He filed a complaint against the dogsitter, who also admitted that he twice sexual acts with Rasko had carried out.

’Sexual urge’

The court found that D. D. M. the facts bagatelliseerde. Further claimed to be the dogsitter that the dog himself who asked to be sexually satisfied and he had been affected by his medication. That would lead to the “sexual urge”. There, the court could not find in it.

Tuesday was D. D. M. and sentenced. Dierenorganisatie GAIA that the lawsuit co-filed, got 1 euro for the suffered moral damages and compensation for the rechtszaakkosten.

’Defenseless animals to abuse is unacceptable’

Chairman Michel Vandenbosch is satisfied. “The court has a clear signal is given: sex with animals is criminal and reprehensible. Defenseless animals abuse is unacceptable.”

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