Dj of dj-school DJ F. R. A. N. K at Tomorrowland

4ddcef94bc2d7a975fcf84be5688a222 - Dj of dj-school DJ F. R. A. N. K at Tomorrowland

You read it right! “From the bedroom to Tomorrowland, in 1 years time, through”. That is what it says and it means quite a bit in the young history of DeDJSchool of DJ F. R. A. N. K. The school was founded two years ago talent between 10 and 99 years to find and give them a chance to give in the world of the DJS. The course covers all aspects of DJING, and by Frank himself in his studio on the Antwerp Meir, above Brasserie Monico.

Exactly a year ago, Bram Delux (Bram De Laet) from Our Lady of Wavre a DJ-Course. On 20 July, he draws present on the most beautiful festival in the world, Tomorrowland in Boom. Despite the fact that he is probably the youngest dj on the festival this year – he is only 17 – Bram is fully ready for it. The last year, he, together with F. R. A. N. K at a lot of parties, at the Carré in Willebroek and in The Villa in Antwerp. He has gained a lot of experience and he is more than ready for his big dream.

“Dreams, hard work, a passion for the profession and believe in yourself are in fact my words that I on our first encounter against Bram told. You must, of course, “can”, responds DJ F. R. A. N. K. “And that, Bram, is this proven, but that I knew already”. Also makes sense in a dj training? More info .

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