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Decentralized Data Storage Platform announces ICO date

25ddc7f44eca23fffcc5f380527e2af9 - Decentralized Data Storage Platform announces ICO date – a Hostingcompany, the next Generation is a Blockchain-based marketplace for Cloud services, develop and visionary Content Distribution Tools offer., a specialist for data storage solutions today announced the Initiative to set up a decentralised market place for Cloud storage providers on the Basis of the Blockchain technology. According to Gartner, the global market for public Cloud services will reach in 2020 a turnover of 411 billion dollars, with the largest growth in sales of Infrastructure-as-a-Service will turn out.

“Centralized and decentralized Cloud services should coexist to meet different requirements. The latter will provide a tremendous amount of scalability, together with more stringent security measures to Cyber threats and Social Engineering to address the risks. will introduce the block chain technology to provide unprecedented fault tolerance, data availability around the clock, to provide anonymity protection, and visionary Copyright-Management features, ” says Alexander Rakhmanov, the founder and CEO of aims to be an advanced solution for professionals and consumers, decentralized, transparent, and accountability is liable to be managed.

On the market, Cloud providers can align their services directly to customers and sell. In return, consumers are offered support in the Form of firm and flexible pricing options.

With the Blockchain, Smart Contracts and risk management measures, such as, for example, insurance deposits Cloud Services more efficient, reduce costs and deliver a seamless customer experience on all fronts. “Until now, the Online-Storage and File-Management Startups have collected up to $ 500 million and a strong support by the industry and the interest of the viewers.

We believe that these are key indicators for a persistent disturbance in this area, ” added Alexander Rakhmanov. In order to procure funds for the project, will ICO.

The ICO will begin on 26.03.2018. For more information, please visit

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On The is a Hosting company, the next Generation – with years of experience in the areas of Cloud infrastructure, Hosting, Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technology. Founders and executives of the company believe that the Blockchain technology and connected marketplace will provide a model for both Cloud providers as well as customers of the Online storage services the most competitive solution and pricing in the market.

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