Deborah: “Tim and I were just together again’

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At the sight of the images on which Tim love explains to Cherish, shouted Deborah it out of anger: “I hate him so hard!” Meanwhile, the Temptation Island contestant her hate into pity for her, and is she doing a book open about Timtation. “In his head is Tim to go no thirty. With difficulty twenty, I think. Mentally, he is still a teenager.”

Tim and Deborah in ’happier times’.

That tells Deborah in conversation with Day All. The Flemish say that they are every week, with a handkerchief in front of the tv as they themselves see in Temptation Island. “It’s very, very heavy. Every week I still have a huilmomentje. To do all of this process, I went along to a psychologist. Now still sometimes. I had those calls need to get myself to believe it. And today, I am proud to say that I am stronger in my shoes then get up before I go to Thailand left. Guys à la Tim, who doorprik today I immediately.”

Viewers of the program learned Tim in the first instance, to know if innocent boy, who was not under couches or chairs pushed that he and Deborah got married and wanted. Now it turns out, however, that the set shortly before the program came together, but no longer even live together. “Three months before the start of the program, we decided to make it a point to convert,” says Deborah. “We said even our flat, and went back home to live. When we got on the plane to Thailand got was the weather, but we lived not again together.”

The Flemish adds that Tim is her in that period, ’a considerable tour has been wiped’. One day I came home from my job, and everything was gone: the fridge, our washing machine, the dryer, our dog that I got from Tim gift received… The only thing Tim had to leave was a large office, that afterwards, I still had to sell also. Tim was really unbearable.” Nevertheless, it was Deborah yet again capitulated. “When I got to Tim after two months once again met, he declared me his love, he said how hard he would have missed and got him a new chance. I went there not immediately, but gradually, I felt again attracted to him. And then came Tim with that stupid idea of Temptation Island…”

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