Daughter (68) late elderly mother, years in chair

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Staffordshire – A woman from the English county of Staffordshire has her 86-year-old mother for a year in a seat. The elderly woman died, as a result, consequences of neglect, and inflammation. The 68-year-old daughter has a suspended sentence of 20 months.

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Doreen Shufflebotham was suffering from serious physical symptoms in the months before she died, the court in Stafford.

Physical complaints

Shufflebotham died on september 6, 2016 after its physical symptoms were exacerbated, writes The Guardian. She had a fracture in her thigh bone which is infected was touched, she suffered from pulmonary embolism, septicemia, thrombosis and an acute bactieriële meningitis, the police of Staffordshire.

“Medical experts have estimated that Doreen eight to twelve months, not more has moved before her death”, police said.

Confession made

Three days after the death of her mother is Linda Farr was arrested. Shortly thereafter, she sued. Meanwhile, Farr also known that her mother has seriously neglected.

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