Courtois drag Wilmots for the right

93f9ca47b59d4c11d953b2c7d65fe404 - Courtois drag Wilmots for the right

Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois and his father Thierry drag the former Belgian national coach Marc Wilmots for the court.

Thibaut Courtois and coach Marc Wilmots after the Belgium lost a EUROPEAN quarter-final against Wales.

Wilmots has the father of Courtois accused that he during the european CHAMPIONSHIP 2016 information about the Red Devils has leaked.

The former national coach claimed on French tv station beIN Sports that are set up all a quarter of an hour later on the street was if he him in the dressing room, had announced. He is sure that a player is in the lineup sold. French journalists would have told him that there was evidence that father Courtois was responsible for the leak of the info to the media.

The family Courtois reacts on Facebook furious. “The lord Wilmots repeat so – not for the first time in public the accusations of an attack forms on my honor and reputation, even that of my son. We have together decided criminal charges”, said father Courtois.

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