Canadian lynched in Peru, after the death shaman

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A Canadian man is by a furious mob lynched in the Amazon rainforest in Peru. The villagers give him the blame of the death of their dorpssjamaan.

Sebastien Woodroffe (41) in 2016 to Peru traveled to of natural medicine to study and seek enlightenment. In the village of Victoria Gracia, in the northeast of Peru, he had settled. Woodroffe was also patient with Olivia Arevalo Lomas, the 81-year-old shaman of her people treated with natural medicines.

When the shaman Thursday was found dead and it turned out that she was murdered with two bullets, be all of Shipibo-Konibo tribe in the village to Woodroffe. On images to local media and posted online, is to see how the bloodied man on a rope around his neck pulled by the raging crowd. According to the police, they walked with him to the rainforest and he is therefore killed.

The body of Woodroffe was Saturday by the residents made grave, taken about a kilometer from the house of Arevalo. “There are still no suspects arrested”, says Ricardo Palma Jimenez, public prosecutor’s office in Ucayali, to Reuters. “But we are not going to rest until both murders are solved.’

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