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Blockchain Terminal linked to institutional investors and crypto

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Since the crypto market is a huge growth, have beliebäugelt institutional investors it. The massive Profit-potential of the strong volatility, brought some attention to himself.

Until today, there is a lack of institutional instruments for the Multi-trillion-Dollar Hedge-Fund industry, just in terms of the necessary Compliance capabilities.

The Blockchain Terminal

Since its inception in October 2017, the Blockchain Terminal (BCT) seeks to link institutional investors with the growing crypto market. By means of a data-combination of 40 crypto exchanges, 1500 crypto-currencies, and various publications, as well as data from social media, BCT creates a comprehensive picture of the crypto world, and thus helps Hedge Fund managers to understand the entire Ecosystem and make informed investment decisions.

The BCT Framework goes Hand-in-Hand with the Compliance Guard Technology – the proprietary warranty from BCT that institutional investors can participate in the developing market for crypto-currencies safely. The establishment of the Compliance Guard took place in the year 2015, when it stood as a mechanism to combat financial and to improve the transparency was proposed.

Source: Blockchain Terminal

Such a Robust System requires, of course, a huge source of energy. The Blockchain-the Terminal will be subscribed to and operated by BCT-service token with the applications within the terminal, creating an open development environment will be promoted.

The Token is on the public Ethereum Blockchain, and will occur on the private BCT network. The Token will be used for the registration, transaction and use of applications within the platform.

Experienced Management Team

The management of the Blockchain-Terminal team is supported by experts with combined decades of experience in the Fintech area. The Team is led by former Wall St. powerhouse Bob Bonomo, which is more than 30 years in the areas of Asset Management and Blockchain services has worked.

Bonomo has plenty of experience in the Management of Multi-billion Dollar Hedge Fund, he was the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for two of the largest Asset Management companies in America: Oppenheim funds (managed assets in the amount of $250 billion USD) and AllianceBernstein (managed assets in the amount of $500 billion USD). Adding to that, he was an early beginner in the crypto world and the industry in the year 2013 as a consultant for Second Market entered, a Position in which he is still prominent.

Blockchain Terminal recently attended the C3 Crypto Conference, where they presented their concept to the German and European market, which is extremely positive reactions showed. Later, Bonomo was filming a short Video about the Event and thanked Dennis Weidner and the Paranoid Internet Team for the German consulting and representation of BCT.

“Dennis can answer all of the questions on the Blockchain Terminal,” said Bonomo.

Source: Bob Berlin On Vimeo

Blockchain Terminal’s ICO has been running for almost a month and ends on the 30. April. After the end of the main sale, the BCT will be released-Tokens, and the Team will deliver the Beta Terminals in the next few weeks, to the participating hedge funds and other institutions.

For more information on the Blockchain Terminal’s official Website here.

“We will see you on the Blockchain.”

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