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Binance works with Crypto Savannah to the economy in Uganda to strengthen

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Uganda is one of the poorest countries in the world and the economy was struggling in the last few years. Binance has now announced that they want to work together with a local crypto Startup, to drive the economy and to achieve synergy effects.

The CEO of Binance, Zhao Changpeng has announced two days ago on Twitter that they will be able to work with Crypto Savannah, a Blockchain Hub of Uganda together to achieve synergy effects and to help the economy of the country.

Not only large quantities of money flow, but also a lot of Jobs to be created. The exact schedule is not fixed yet, since the project is still in its infancy.

Changpeng traveled to Uganda to meet with the representatives of the Crypto Savannah and to discuss the further course of action.

Crypto Savannah (or Blockchain Association of Uganda) is a non-profit advocacy group that promotes in your own country, the Blockchain technology and its research forward. The Association also supports Blockchain-projects in the international sector.

A lot of people on the African continent have no access to banks and are cut off from the financial system of the country completely. Parts of the families are working abroad and regularly send money home to the people a chance of Survival.

Through the use of block chain technology a large amounts of people would have easy access to the financial system and could just receive money and send, with the help of the Blockchain technology.

A cashless payment service in Kenya, M-Pesa, which was introduced in cooperation with Vodafone in the year 2007, handles more than 25% of all payments of the gross national product in Kenya. The need for barggeld payment services, such as crypto-currencies, is more than.

Uganda, with a population of nearly 42 million people is one of the poorest countries in the world. The support of Binance not only brings jobs and money into the country, but also promotes the proliferation of crypto currencies and gives people access to financial resources and are not controlled by banks.

We find that this cooperation should be taken as a model, in order to allow people around the world access to financial resources and to use finally the chances of the block chain technology, in the right Places on our world.

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